10 Top Reasons to Go on Student Tours

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Professionally-run student tours are a perfect opportunity to combine education with a little fun and adventure. They offer the chance to spend time taking in some culture or focusing on a specific area of ​​art, life or history with the advantages of a safe travel environment. Here are the top 10 benefits that students can gain from student tours:

1. Meeting other students! We often think about student tours as being about focusing on culture, art, environmental aspects of life and so on, but one of the most beneficial aspects (according to students) is meeting other students from different countries and cultures.

2. Having fun. We often forget that being a student, in England especially, is financially crippling. Worries about student debts and getting a good job afterwards means that students sometimes have undue burdens on their shoulders. Student tours combine education with the opportunity to relax a little.

3. Gaining educational benefits. Student tours often focus on a very niche area enabling a very rich cultural and educational experience.

4. Learning about yourself and others. These tours take students away from their usual place of study / home and transport somewhere new. This encourages them to be independent and to learn more about themselves and the world, as well as learning about how to interact with other people from different cultures. This can really help to boost a CV and can also show resilience and independence – two qualities that employers always look for in candidates.

5. Becoming more self reliant. Away from their own environment students have to be more self reliant, helping them to become more independent and able to move easily from student life to adulthood.

6. Developing an area of ​​expertise. Student tours really help give students an in depth knowledge of a particular issue and again, this can really help to improve a CV and make sure that they have the edge in the future job market.

7. Developing different perspectives. Students often refer that until they went on a tour they did not really understand the wider world. Student tours are about living and breathing a different culture and experiencing a new perspective.

8. Demonstrating initiative. Students who sign up for educational tours are obviously those who care passionately about their educational and a particular subject. This positive environment fosters enthusiasm and initiative.

9. An improved CV. All the reasons listed above really help to show that an individual is knowledgeable and well rounded and this can greatly improve future job opportunities.

10. CONFIDENCE! Students return feeling more aware and knowledgeable which leaves them brimming with confidence.

Source by Robert Emdur