5 Natural Attractions Of Norway That Should Be In Your Travel Itinerary

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Norway is a land of beauty and an exotic culture. Filled with different unique attractions and wonderful untouched natural beauties, this wonderful country visits visitors around the world. To visit this country, all you need is a valid passport, a travel permit to this country and the perfect itinerary. In this article, we give you the best natural attractions of the country that is a must see by travelers and tourists traveling to this country.

• Lofoten

This renounced archipelago is one of the famous natural attractions of the country. Due to limited human civilization there is a large variety of untouched lands with a wonderful and pristine growth of flora and fauna, which can be easily experienced with a travel permit through the Norway Visa Process. Its location in the Arctic Circle has further contributed to the distinctive scenery which comprises of lush mountains and peaks, brimming open seas and exotic sheltered bays and beaches. This archipelago derived its name from the national ethnic language which when literally means 'foot of a lynx'.

• Oslofjord

The Norwegian region is known for its various and beautiful fjords. These are long and narrow inlets with steep sides or cliffs, created by glacial erosion over several years. When you receive the travel permit through the Norway Visa Process, you must visit the famous Oslofjord in the country. Located in the south – east region, this is one of the most famous attractions of the country due to the fact that each island has its own identity and distinguishing history. Several recreational activities like kayaking, canoeing, fishing and sailing are held here especially during the late winters and summer seasons.

• Fløyen

This is one of the seven mountains that surround the city center of Bergen. Standing at the highest point of 435 meters, it offers a perfect view of the city and the natural exotic surroundings of the country. Various visitors use the iconic funicular system to travel to the top of the mountain to view the city, through the year.

• Briksdalsbreen

This thirteen century old iconic glacier is one of the most popular natural attractions of the Norwegian country. Its easy accessibility makes it one of the most visited spot for tourists and travelers alike. With a travel permit that can be processed through the Norway Visa Process, you can easily travel to this iconic beauty.

• Gaustatoppen

This is one of the highest mountains in the country and is known for its spectacular view from the summit. Once reached on the top, you can view at least one – sixth of the country's country. Visitors can visit the top through the elevator system within the mountain. This mountain is also host to the iconic "Norseman triathlon" and the most brutal "Norseman Xtreme Triathlon."

Source by Ashish Khanna