All You Need to Know About Migration and Danish Green Card

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What exactly is migration?

Migration / immigration is a process of moving from a home country / zone to a different one permanently. Although 'migration of birds' is quite common and is referred to in various news channels, people / human migration is also as common, if not more. In fact human migration has been slowly gaining momentum for many years now. It has become so common that these days most of the developed countries have multi-cultural population.

Denmark? Where is it located? Do many people migrate to Denmark?

Denmark is a European nation and is one of the most popular countries in the World for immigration. It has won many accolades as the happiest country in the world. So, many people migrate to Denmark because of its popularity as a country that has the best working & living conditions. It is also quite famous for its Green, eco-friendly life style, and work-life balance.

Denmark is my favorite country! Is it possible for me to migrate to Denmark?

Migrating to Denmark is possible and even quite easy for Skilled Professionals. Danish / Denmark Green Card is the way to go about if you want to migrate to this European nation. However, the Denmark Green Card is a point-based immigration system. So, you need to gain a minimum of 100 points to be eligible to migrate to Denmark.

What is a point-based Immigration System? Is Denmark the only country to follow this?

A point-based immigration system is where an aspirant is assessed through the pre-set criteria to check if, said aspirant is suitable to migrate to, study / work in and ever settle in Denmark. Australia, Canada and several other countries use these point-based criteria to assess a person before he / she can migrate to their country.

How are the points for Denmark Immigration calculated?

The points for Denmark Immigration are mainly governed under the criteria of Age, education, work experience, language ability and adaptability. It is mandatory for a person to carry a Masters Degree to be eligible for Danish Green Card.

The maximum points that can be gained in each of these categories are:

  • Age: 15
  • Education: 80
  • Work Experience: 15
  • Language Skills: 20
  • Adaptability: 10

Is there any scope of earning some Bonus Points?

Yes. Bonus points can be gained by graduates of an internationally reputed university which is listed in the recent THES-QS World Ranking. Bonus points can also be gained for adaptability.

What are the other necessary requirements to migrate to Denmark?

Apart from gaining 100 points, a person needs to have a 'Health Insurance' and must show his / her 'Proof of Funds' before (s) he can apply for a Danish Green Card and migrate to Denmark.

Source by Suri Akhila