Attractions And Activities For Your Children When You Visit Albany, WA

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There are so many things to see and do with your children when you visit Albany in Western Australia. Your entire family will not run out of fun activities to pursuit. In fact, the region is so rich in history and natural attractions, you may need to stay longer that you actually planned if you wish to explore all the best features in Albany. Your kids will certainly enjoy every moment, especially when you choose the right activities for their age. Fortunately, most of the breathtaking attractions and activities found in Albany are suitable for all ages. Now here are some handy tips and pointers to lend you a hand:

Visit historic landmarks.

Take your children to various historic venues. Teach them the value of history. Numerous historical landmarks will make your kids see and appreciate life in a different light. Visit the Old Gaol and Museum. It's a compound for men and women's cell blocks as well as some warder's quarters. It was built for convicts who were shipped to Western Australia. It will give you and your children an educational yet eerie experience.

The Brig Amity Replica is a must-see. It's a full scale replica of the original cargo ship which welcomed the first settlers and convicts to Western Australia. Moreover, have your kids out out The Princess Royal Fortress. It boasts of armories, restored shore batteries, a collection of naval guns and torpedoes as well as the 10th Light Horse display and some trails. There is a barbecue area and playground nearby.

More importantly, visit The Whale World-it is set on the site of Australia's last operating whaling station. It offers an interactive journey into Australia's whaling history. You and your kids can climb aboard the Cheynes IV whale chaser. It presents mesmerizing skeleton exhibits, with state-of-the-art multimedia displays and vivid historic photo galleries.

Check out the National Parks.

Albany is a host to many different awe-inspiring national parks and natural attractions. The Porongorup Ranges and National Park are located roughly 40 kilometers north of Albany. The range displays unimaginable color when over 55 different species of orchids are in bloom. There are numerous bush tracks and natural trails which are suitable for different fitness and skill levels.

The Natural Bridge and the Gap, located in the Torndirrup National Park, clearly display the mighty power of Southern Ocean. You can view such natural rock formations on a safe viewing platform in the park or simply take pleasure in the abounding natural beauty while you drive around Albany and its environs.

The Stirling Range National Park is an ideal place for those who have an adventurous side. If you have children who want to further explore the beauty and wonder of Stirling Ranges, then it's a good idea to try bush walks and trekking in this location. The park is also a home for exquisite wild species. Many exotic bird species are also protected in this area.

Explore Albany Marron Farm and Bird Park

The Albany Marron Farm and Bird Park is an ideal place for children who are animal lovers. It is situated 23km east of Albany in Upper Kalgan between Two Peoples Bay and Nanarup Beach. Your children can bond with guinea pigs, chickens, rabbits, goats and other fun animals. You can also take a walk in a bird aviary. Your children can hand feed native and exotic birds. They can also cuddle and play with some bunnies, donkeys, and ponies.

A picturesque garden is also provided for parents. Delectable food, refreshing beverages and samples of fresh local produce are available at Nippers Cafe. In addition, make an effort to visit The Albany Wind Farm. The wind farm provides an awareness of environmentally-friendly power generation. From this location, you can also enjoy spectacular views over the Southern Ocean.

Relax and enjoy different water activities at the beach.

There are lots of safe, pristine beaches around the Great Southern coastline. Middleton Beach and Emu Point are just a couple of the most popular attractions. They are perfect for family picnics and reunions. High-quality facilities are provided including playgrounds, benches, pavilions and clean toilets.

Other commendable beaches to consider include the Little Beach, Fisheries Beach and Goode Beach. Your children can enjoy sandboarding, snorkeling, surfing and other fun-filled water activities. It's also recommended to check out The Albany Leisure and Aquatic Center. The hotel offers a fitness center, a sauna, a steam room and a fitness center.

Get Albany holiday accommodation near the beach or a river.

It is a practical choice to go for accommodation in Albany that is in close proximity to several attractions. Fortunately, Albany takes pride in its range of holiday accommodation, from budget hotels to affordable holiday homes and luxurious self-contained accommodation. Numerous holiday homes in Albany are located near the many natural attractions of the region.

You can even find a remarkable holiday house on the King River itself. Getting your Albany accommodation near Middleton Beach is also a wise idea. You can take strolls on the beach before you go to sleep. Your children will also have the chance to visit other tourist attractions that provide noticeable night activities.

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