Beaches You Need To See In Boracay Island Philippines

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During vacations, international tourists flock to beach resorts, hoping for solace and relaxation. Beaches are common choices since they can be reached easily, accessible to the general public, and features different activities that can bring unlimited fun. When it comes to tourist spots, Boracay Island is always included in the list of top tourist destinations. The island is considered as one of the tourist gems of the Philippines, and it has many things to offer every year. The famous beach resorts in Boracay are always filled with tourists coming in from other countries and have several stations that you can check out.

White Beach

If you want to kick the lush sand that resembles softness equal to silk, then the White Beach Boracay looks an optimum choice. It is the most popular beach in Boracay, and it has been featured in hundreds of tourist magazines across the world. The beach is 4 kilometers long and up to 100 meters in spread. You can spend one hour after another walking in the white sand while recapping past events in your life and thinking about the future. Palm trees can also provide shelter from the raging sun, and you can always enjoy the rush of cool wind caressing your face.

Diniwid Beach

If you venture north from the White Beach, you will reach Diniwid. The beach is only 200 meters long-much smaller than the White Beach-but catches up in terms of peace and serenity. The island features a series of platform rocks that provides an overall view of the island-perfect for capturing the beauty of the place with your digital camera or smart phone.

Balinghai Beach

The Balinghai Beach is small, but it is meant for tourists looking for greater adventures to share. The beach is enclosed by walls of rocks, perfect if you want to spend a private bonding moment with your special someone. Balinghai Beach is one of the beaches in Boracay Island Philippines that is good for snorkelling. Discover the beautiful and untouched coral reefs of the island and share this wonderful experience with your friends.

Bulabog Beach

In the Filipino language, bulabog means disturb. It does not necessarily mean that you will be disturbed in the Bulabog Beach, but it simply depicts the level of adventure that the beach has to offer. Bulabog Beach is frequented by divers because of its strong waves, perfect for surfing and kiteboarding. Adventure seekers prefer to visit the beach in June and July because the wind is much stronger.

Manoc-manoc Beach

Manoc-manoc Beach is a busy area filled with tourists, boats, and other staff who are looking after accommodations and maintenance. The beach is also the unloading area for supplies that will be delivered to nearby resorts and properties in Boracay. It is undeniable that Manoc-manoc Beach is an important part to the overall logistics of the island.

Aside from visiting the beaches, there are other activities in Boracay that you can do. Snorkeling, riding banana boats, helmet diving, and evening bar hopping are some activities that can make your vacation in this paradise worthwhile.

Source by Kit Cruz