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Mark Twain once said:”God created Mauritius first before he created the Garden of Eden.” On the map of Africa, you can find a small point which is regarded as “pearl on the Indian Ocean” in the east of Madagascar. This is the world-famous Mauritius.

Mauritius— charming island country

Mauritius is a group of islands which is located to the east of Madagascar Island. It is surrounded by coral reefs with fertilized soil. With moderate tropical climate and beautiful sea views, Mauritius has been regarded as an ideal world in people’s mind.

You can never tell what Mauritius looks like only through your imagination. It gives people a feeling of enthusiastic, romantic, elegant and charming. With an area of about 2040 square meters, this small island provides millions of Mauritius people with white sand and blue sea. Here, people may have different skin colors, but different cultures meet each other and then produce splendid flashes and opportunities. As wins favor of the God, it will keep shiny with white clouds and blue sky. You can enjoy the beautiful sunset sink in Indian Ocean.

Dodo—symbol of Mauritius

Dodo made great contribution when Mauritius first appeared on the world map. Dodo should be the first that comes into my mind when people mention Mauritius. Now, Mauritius is almost the symbol of Mauritius. This kind of bird lived in Mauritius only. As there are abundant food and less hunters, dodo had lost its ability of flying. It has a huge lovely body, but it is not good at flying. Because of this reason, dodo birds have been ate up by people. Now, there only exists the specimen of Dodo which is stored in the Natural History Museum. Although it has become extinct for more than 300 years, it still attracts many tourists from all over the world.

Source by BJ Bunn