Blue Diamond Bar – Melbourne, Australia – Review

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Located 15 floors above the city center, Blue Diamond promises magical views of Melbourne's skyline far away from the hustle and bustle on the ground. Almost hidden from view, Blue Diamond is the type of venue that you can only stumble across when you are not looking for it. As you enter a non-descript building on Queen Street you are greeted by a receptionist who leads you to an elevator that whisks you up and into another world.

The art deco inspired interior invites you into an era of old-school glamor where ladies wore full skirts and men were not seen without a hat and cufflinks. With the current resurgence of 1950's styles in clothing and music (thanks in part to the popular show Mad Men), terms like The Blue Diamond are becoming increasingly popular.

In addition to the magnificent Melbourne views, the Blue Diamond's drinks list is excessive to say the least. Regardless of your favorite beverage, The Blue Diamond is sure to have it in the extensive and top shelf range. Boutique beers are available for those who like to wind down with a lager, and a vast selection of fine wines, champagne and imported spirits are behind the bar to suit every taste.

The standout feature of this venue are their cocktails, made from the highest quality ingredients and as tasty as they are lethal. From the classic Martini to the exotic Dr Scorpio's Love Potion the Blue Diamond have left no stone (or vodka) unturned in their quest for the perfect drinks menu. To compliment your gin, you can pair it with something from the delicious menu, offering you a choice of taste plates, gourmet pizza's and indulgent after dinner cheese selections.

If you prefer your drinks on the balcony feel free to sample one of Blue Diamond's cigars as you soak up the Melbourne view and exhale out into the city sky. Open from Thursday through to Sunday, entry is $ 5 on Friday and Sunday after 5pm and $ 10 on Saturday. For this sum you will be appreciated to the best of Melbourne's smooth jazz and Latin musicians during the week, while on Saturday a mix of DJs play the decks to get you moving across the dance floor.

Source by Heather Bloom