Bristol – A Weekend Destination

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Come to Bristol

So, what makes Bristol stand out from all the rest? For starters, the central floating harbor provides miles of dockside for strolling, eating, drinking and general lounging about. When the sun comes out, thousands of people make like cormorants and sun themselves by the waterside. There are dozens of bars, cafés and restaurants set around the docks, so you can watch the action on the water while you refuel. You may spy a rowing crew sculling past, a tall ship making its way in to moor up, sailing boats duelling with the breeze and neatly swans and ducks getting busy. Next, Bristol is bursting with creativity. Arguably the home of graffiti art, there's also an illustrious history of animation, music, poetry and theater in the city. Then there's the festivals to enjoy. Through the summer months, there seems to be a festival on nearly every weekend. From maritime shenanigans to kites to ballooning, there's something here to suit everyone.

Outdoors Bristol

Bristol is a small city, so it's easy to get out into the surrounding countryside. There's plenty of gorgeous woodlands, rolling Somerset fields and grasslands and the Mendip hills to the South. There's some lovely green spaces in the city too, a legacy from the Merchants and landowners of Bristol's prosperous seafaring past. This means that it's a great city to get active in. More adventurous visitors can choose from a wide variety of adrenaline busting activities. There's a choice of mountain cycling routes, suitable for fledgling riders through to daredevils. If you fancy chasing and shooting at your friends, there's paintball and laserquest to try. Racing types can opt to whizz about on quad bikes and go karts. For the serious adrenaline junkies, there are high rope courses to swing, leap and wobble your way around. And for something altogether more tranquil, there are lots of golfing options to choose from too.

Culture galore!

If you're seeking a more cultural weekend, there is plenty to see and do here. There's the usual smorgasbord of galleries and museums that you'd expect from a happening city like Bristol. Every weekend, there's a wide choice of bands to see, playing indie, folk and, well, everything else you can think of. Look out for the festivals too. From cider celebrations to comedy, there's loads on this summer. A stroll around the docks will take you to the iconic ship, the SS Great Britain. This Isambard Kingdom Brunel creation has been beautifully restored. Walking around its gigantic hull puts the awe back into awesome. Oh and you can explore inside and try on all the historical costumes for a selfie or two as well.

Eat, drink and indulge

Bristol is awash with restaurants, cafés, wine bars and pubs to eat, drink and be merry in. There's every choice of food here, as well as several foodie festivals for the serious and not so serious connoisseurs. If you fancy crafting your own food and drink, there's chocolate making and cocktail masterclasses to embark upon.

As the sun sets …

This city is nightlife central. Maybe it's a nod to its maritime past, when there was needed to be plenty of taverns and entertainment for the sailors returned from the high seas, with coins in their pockets and a thirst for a good night out. There are hundreds of bars and pubs in Bristol, from real ale establishments, to speciality cider boats, to upmarket wine bars. Step along the cobbles of King Street for ancient pubs, real ales and some serious jazz music. Waft around Clifton for some high class swank. Or amble up Park Street for live music, serious party bars and dancing like nobody's watching.

There are clubs a-plenty too, all set within a square mile or so of the city center. There are the usual larger clubs, with them rooms and banging dance music. Or there's a wide choice of smaller venues, playing indie, chart anthems, cheese and even oompah music. Friday and Saturday nights here can be as legendary as you like. So, charge your glass and raise it high, for a toast to the quirky and characterful city of Bristol.

Source by Simon Short