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A Disney vacation can be a very fun and exciting experience filled with unforgettable moments and joy spent with family and friends. It also can be an experience that can be quite stressful at times and just the thought of planning a vacation can be overwhelming. Many of us are looking for some good Disney vacation tips. Quality Disney vacation tips can save you precious time and of course money.

There are some general Disney vacation tips that are always important to do such as making sure you leave ample time for vacation planning. Only leaving yourself a few weeks weeks to plan a vacation can leave you very stressed and likely to miss something important in the vacation planning process. Not to mention you could miss out on some tips and ideas that could save you money because you were too pressed for time. Another general tip is to make sure you keep all your paper work together in one spot. Paper work that is pertinent to a Disney vacation would be: park tickets, flight tickets, birth certificates or passports, driver's license and credit cards. Fumbling though all your bags to find this stuff at the airport or Disney parks can be quite stressful so just make sure you know where your paperwork is. Yet another addition for some great Disney vacation tips is to know what transportation you will be using to get from the airport to the hotel and your hotel to the parks. You could stay at a hotel at the Disney parks campus to save you some travel time to and from the park, but those hotel rates tend to be a bit pricier. Many hotels offer a shuttle service from the hotel to the park, so check and see what the hotels offer before you book your stay at one. It just may be beneficial to pay a little more for hiring to get a shuttle service and avoid major parking fees.

Here are some more Disney vacation tips that are a little more detailed in nature. For starters the fast pass. For those that are not familiar with the Disney fast pass, it is an ingenious invention created to save the sanity of Disney guests so that they do not have to constantly wait for crazy long periods of time ride after ride. It is done through a system of issuing tickets (fast passes) through a machine. The fast pass will have a return time for the person to come back to the ride and that person, when they come back, will enter in a much shorter line that will take a fraction of the time to get through as opposed to the longer line . So plan before you get to the park which rides you want to fast pass and which are worth waiting in the longer lines, because you will only be able to fast pass a limited amount per day, depending on fast pass demand for each ride. Try to get fast passes for the most popular rides early in the morning so you will not have to wait in the crazy long lines later. Some other great Disney vacation tips are bringing a rain poncho, for obvious reasons and a backpack to hold all your stuff while keeping your hands free. And still some more Disney vacation tips that can save some stress is to eat when most of the crowd is not, saves on long lines, and to know where you parked. Not knowing where you parked after a long day can be very frustrating to say the least. So always remember to do your research before planning any vacation, especially a Disney vacation.

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