Enjoy an Exotic Vacation in Montego Bay

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Montego Bay is the second largest city in Jamaica. It is known for its scenic beaches, with a low mountain range kissing the sky. Its port is a major cruise line terminal and offers the best opportunity for duty free shopping. Christopher Columbus sailed here and it remained a Spanish trade post until it was taken over by the British. It is part of the British Common Wealth.

The city has one of the largest airports of Jamaica with non-stop flights from the US, Canada and the European continent. US Airways, Air Canada and British Airways operate flights to Montego Bay. The city is a sought after destination among people looking for a luxurious holiday experience, but even budget travelers can enjoy them here. There are a number of resorts that have come up in the once sugar cane plantations of the region. There is also a world-class golf course for tourists to enjoy. Some of the resorts have good deals on accommodation and usage of their golf courses.

Jamaican Airways and Caribbean Airlines offer cheap flights to Montego Bay. During the peak season, these airlines offer last minute flights from various other destinations in the Caribbean. So budget travelers should explore these airlines to enjoy an affordable vacation here.

The most popular beach in the city is Doctor's Cave Beach. It offers some of the best snorkeling opportunities in the world. It is famous for its clear waters and marine life. Vacationers can even hire a boat and head out into the sea to enjoy an unforgettable snorkeling experience. The beach is usually packed during the peak holiday season and cheap tickets to Montego Bay generally are hard to come by. But with a little effort and time, vacationers can get affordable tickets and partake in the enjoyment offered by the city's beaches.

The other attraction close to the city is the Dunn's Falls and Park. Four rivers descent to the Caribbean Sea from here. There are guided tours available to climb up to the falls. It is truly for the adventurous.

A variety of other activities mainly revolving around the beaches are available during a vacation here. There are a number of catamaran cruises from the beach offering snorkeling and diving experiences. Some of the other adventure activities available include parasailing and kite boarding.

The city was once a major port for ships during the slave trade era. It was also known as the sugar port, since the area was known for it sugarcane plants and sugar mills. The port has been now taken over by the luxury cruise liners. Thanks to them, the port is also a duty free haven. People serious about shopping for luxury goods come here. It is not necessarily a destination for those on a big budget holiday. So, vacationers can book cheap flight tickets to the city and enjoy a budget holiday too. There are a lot of activities for the mid-range and lower budget tourist as well. The locations are well tuned to tourists and offer a wide array of activities catering to different budgets. Bear in mind to go with reputed companies, as far as adventure sports are concerned, for safety reasons.

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