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Goa, traveler's paradise, is not a place that you visit once and cross it off from your traveling list forever. Rather, it is a place where visiting the second time has become a tradition. This Portuguese Shangri-La has so many fascinating attractions that even the seasoned travelers wish to travel to this beautiful destination over and over again. So if you want to make the maximum of your holidays, make sure you are traveling with a great travel package that have you covered.

The Sun & The Beaches

The journey at this beautiful destination has to start with the beaches! While visiting some of the most wonderful beaches of Goa, you will forget the beaches of Bali, Thailand or Australia. The North & South Goa beaches present picturesque scenery that should not be missed. Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in a number of water sports on these beaches including jet skiing, parasailing, scuba diving and banana boat ride.

Spicy Sights

Apart from beaches, Goa is also popular for its spice plantation. The Sahakari Spice Plantation will remind you what attracted Europeans towards India. This is the largest spice farm in the region and here you can taste the pepper, bath through an elephant shower or bite a Peri-Peri. Who does not want to be pampered while on vacations?

Down the Memory Lane

The Panjim region houses a large number of historic attractions and this is the place where history comes alive. The old Goa has been known as the Rome of the East for more than 3 centuries as it is adorned with museums, churches, art galleries, government buildings, convents and bakeries. Moreover, Old Goa has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site!

The jungle Safari

The Wildlife of Goa is more adventurous and exciting than its nightlife. The famous Mollem National Park and the Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary homes endangered species of animals and birds like barking deer, mouse deer, panther, fairy bluebird, paradise flycatcher and similar. You can visit this peaceful sanctuary from 8.30 AM to 5.30 PM every day.

The Market Of Ingo

In the market of Ingo, Shopahloics can literally shop till they drop! A German named Ingo started this lively market in a leased property. Also known as Saturday Night Bazaar, the eminent Ingo market in Arpora presents a wide array of imported T-shirts, Indian cuisine, potpourri of chunky Jewelery and much more. Non-shoppers should not get disheartened as there are a lot of things to indulge in. You can groove to the beats of the music playing around the day!

Tryst with History

Holidays are all about losing yourself in the beautiful surroundings. If you are an avid history lover, make sure you take out some time and visit the amazing Naval Aviation Museum. This place is adorned with Portuguese-colonial setup and speaks astonishing stories of two worlds.

Apart from the above listed places, Goa also boasts of a number of other amazing destinations. So take up the best travel package while planning a trip to Goa and make sure you visit maximum number of destinations that has increased the beauty of the region.

Source by Gagan Preet Saini