How Can New Zealand Citizens Obtain Home Loans In Australia?

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Australia and New Zealand have close relations because they both share British colonial heritage. According to the 1973 Trans-Tasman Travel Agreement, free movement of citizens is allowed between the two countries. So, it is very common for New Zealanders to settle in Australia by purchasing urban property in the country.

If you are a New Zealand citizen who has moved to Australia permanently, and you want to get a home loan in Australia, you must have:

>> A minimum of 5% deposit, and

>> You must have good employment

You have the same eligibility criteria as Australian citizens when it comes to getting a loan to purchase a home for your primary residence or investment purposes. You can avail the following benefits and Government concessions:

>> Full range of home loan products

>> Standard interest rates

>> Up to 95% Loan to Value ratio

>> First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) scheme

>> Stamp duty concessions, and

>> You do not need approval from the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB)

Can I Get a Home Loan in Australia to Buy Property Even If I Still Want to Live in New Zealand?

Interestingly, home loans are also available to you in Australia if you want to continue living and working in New Zealand. You can obtain a stress-free home finance to purchase investment property in Australia.

What are the required documents for obtaining Home Loans in Australia?

New Zealand citizens who want to live and work in New Zealand and who are seeking home finance in Australia will need to provide the following documents:

>> Identification documents

>> Most recent pay slips

>> Bank statements confirming where the salary is deposited into, and

>> Copies of credit card, personal loan and savings account statements

What Home Loan Products and Features Can I Get?

A complete range of loan products are available to you. You can get normal standard interest rate charges and several additional features like redraw facility and 100% offset account. You will also have the choice of deciding if you want:

>> A fixed term product, variable rate product, or a combination of a fixed and variable rate product, or

>> Make repayments as Interest-Only or Principal and Interest (P & I)

If I Want to Get a Home Loan, What Will the Australian Lenders / Credit Providers Require from Me?

Most Australian lenders / credit providers will impose the following requirements:

>> A loan must be for the purchase of new or existing owner-occupied residential housings or an investment property

>> A loan can be for the construction of a new residential building or an extension or renovation

>> A loan can be used to refinance existing owner occupied home loans or investment loans

>> Some lenders / credit providers may even allow for consolidating personal debts or equity release (cash-out payments)

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the requirements of the lender / credit provider, do not worry. There are many finance brokerage firms in Australia who will help you in completing your loan process quickly. But, you must make sure that you choose a reputed and an experienced firm because it will make home loan solutions pleasurable and simple for you.

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