How to Make Your Trip Less Stressful

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Traveling can be a nightmare especially since you have to go through airports and catch flights and share public transport with hundreds of people some of what may not be very polite. Keeping in mind a few rules can make your travel a more pleasant experience and less stressful.

Allow plenty of time. Most times if you are flying, you will be going on an aircraft that has a set time. Always double check your ticket to make sure you have the right time time (it is surprising how many people have missed flights because they misunderstood the departure time on the ticket). Try to allow the plenty of time to get the airport to catch your flight . Remember anything could happen. A flat tire on the way, traffic jam or you may even forget your passport! So allow plenty of time for these unexpected occurrences. Also with increased security, checking people and baggage is taking longer at airports. Allow enough time to get to the airport, get through security and check in for your flight.

Know what you can carry. Know the rules on baggage and what you can bring along onto the aircraft. It can be stressful having to argument with check in staff at the airport about how much baggage you bring on board. Usually you will lose because airlines have rules on the maximum weight of baggage or number of bags allowed per person. So make sure of this before you travel. Ask your travel agent, or airline staff when purchasing your ticket. It can save you stress and having to pay extra for baggage weight at the airport which money you may have budgeted for something else. Also you may find that you are not allowed on board the plane with that expensive perfume or baby food you are carrying with you. Always ask before you travel.

Control children. Traveling with children through airports can be very stressful especially when you have to deal with long queues, flight delays or just even a long flight. Make sure therefore you bring along a lot of distractions for your child / children. This could be toys, games, crayons and the like. It is important to keep children well fed. Also do not allow them to run around the airport or inside the plane as this is disturbing to others and they could get lost or hurt.

Be considerate of others. Do not rush, push or squeeze through plane doors in order to get in first and be the first out of the plane. Be careful when moving with luggage or putting luggage up in the overhead box as this could fall and hurt someone. If you are seating next to the window avoid getting up a lot as this disturbs the person or people seating next to you.

Do not leave behind your sense of humor. Yes a sense of humor can carry you through very frustrating moments because at one time or other you will experience them. You could have bumped off your flight because it has been overbooked, again it could have canceled flight or you may have to deal with a very uncooperative / unhelpful airline staff attendant or fellow passenger. Getting upset and getting into an argument could spoil the rest of your trip. Try and be polite, be patient and smile. Of course it is important to be firm when necessary but even then you can still remain courteous.

Source by Timothy Ijala