How to Obtain a Green Card

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A green card is the Holy Grail for millions of people around the world. It will allow immigrants from countries from all over the world to permanently live and work in the United States of America. Understanding how to obtain a green card is the key to starting a new life in the US.

There are many ways to get a green card, and this article will examine some of the most popular ways to obtain one.

Marrying a US citizen

If you happen to marry a US citizen (and we will presume that you are in love with them!), Then it is a fairly straightforward process to obtain a green card.

Firstly, your husband or wife will file a Petition for Alien Relative (form I-130). After that, the INS will investigate to ensure your situation is bona fide before giving you the OK. After that you can file the Application for Status as Permanent Resident (form I-485). Finally you will have a routine interview with an immigration office and, if all things are well, you should get your green card.

Having an employer sponsor you:

This is despite the most laborious method available when it comes to comprehending how to obtain a green card. Involves going through a three step process that can take up to 18 months, or even longer, to complete.

The first step in the process involves your potential employer petitioning for a labor certification. In a nutshell, this means providing that you are irreplaceable and are economically sound. This is the key part of the process application; If you pass this, it should be plain sailing.

Assuming you make it through the first step, the second step is simply filling out the I-140 form and submitting it with your labor certification to the INS. The final step is the adjustment of status, which will make you a permanent resident. Again, this involves filling out the relevant forms and being prepared to wait as they process.

Entering the Diversity Immigrant Lottery:

When it comes to knowing how to obtain a green card, the Diversity Immigrant lottery is either the easiest method available.

Each year 50,000 immigrants are chosen at random in a lottery, and each is given a full green card. In order to qualify for the lottery, you need to have finished high school or have at least two years of work experience (which required two years of training).

All you need to do is provide the relevant information required, which tend to be basic personal information and a photograph, and then submit your application to a relevant body. Definitely the simplest method available.


Knowing how to obtain a green card takes a fair bit of research and patience. The simplest method is the lottery, while the hardest is to get sponsorship from an employer. It is clear that if you wish to live and work permanently in the US, then you must be prepared to apply yourself accordingly … but always remember that it's far from impossible – America was build on immigrants, after all!

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