How to Renew a Passport at the Australian Embassy in Thailand

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Australians who are in the Kingdom of Thailand upon the expiration of their passports should renew it personally at the Australian Embassy located along South Sathom Road in Bangkok.

Australian immigration rules prohibit renewal of passports by mail. Therefore the passport holder should go to the Australian Embassy in Thailand between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm, Mondays to Fridays and file an application for the renewal of their passports.

Processing time usually takes around ten (10) working days, depending on the adequacy of the requirements submitted. If the applicant renewing the passport fails to submit one requirement, as in the case where the required parental was not submitted when an application for a child passport was filed, processing time will definitely be delayed.

An Australian passport is the single, most important piece of document which an Australian national can possess in Thailand. Thus, it is very essential for its holder to renew it on time before it ever expires, or before there are no more pages left.

The applicant must use the Australian Passport Renewal Application Form if he or she is an Australian adult citizen who is eighteen (18) years of age or over, and the passport possesses all these characteristics stated below:

  • That the passport is either unexpired or expired for a period of less than twenty-four (24) months
  • That the passport must have been issued with at least a two-year validity period
  • That the applicable person present personal details are still the same as the personal details indicated in the old passport
  • The passport to be presented in the interview must be the same type of passport being applied for

If an applicant answers no to any of the circumstance listed above, he will need to complete a different form referred to as the "Full Passport Application Form."

There should be a necessity for the issuance of a passport for immediate travel, the applicant may request for the issuance of an emergency passport for urgent travel. Although the applicant for an emergency passport is exempt from paying the required application, he shall however, be compelled to pay the priority processing fee.

Source by Martin Juarez