Immigration & Visa Requirements to Travel to India

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Immigration check is done for all the passengers, foreigners as well as Indians at the time of arrival and departure. The passport of the passengers are duly stamped on arrival and departure and the passengers must be careful and cross-check the stamp before leaving the counter. Citizens of all countries except Nepal and Bhutan require valid passport, relevant travel documents and visa to enter India. The citizens of Nepal and Bhutan do not need passport or visa but they have to carry valid documents for identification when proceeding from their countries. All the passengers, foreigners as well as Indians who are entering / exiting India are required to fill the Disembarkation Card and the Embarkation Card on arrival and departure, respectively.

There is no provision of "On Arrival Visa" in India but there is Temporary Landing Permit which allows the foreigners to enter India in case of emergency situations. The Temporary landing Permit facility is not allowed to the nationalities of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Iran, Nigeria, Somalia, Ethiopia and Algeria. Transit Visa can be issued to foreigners who have their return journey tickets confirmed within 72 hours.


Different restrictions are applicable to different kinds of visas. Let's take a look at the different kinds of Visas:

1. Tourist
2. Student
3. Business
4. Employment
5. Transit
6. Missionaries
7. Journalist
8. Conference
9. Research
10. Entry
11. Collective

Visa Requirements:

The requirements for Visa can vary from country to country. However, the following are the basic documents that are required to obtain Indian visa:

o Original passport valid for at least 6 months
o Visa fee
o Two passport size photographs
o Supporting documents, where necessary
o Duly completed application form

For Individuals of Indian Origin (POI) and Non Residents of India (NRI) who obtain Overseas Indian Citizenship (OCI) or PIO Card do not need Indian Visa. The OCI and PIO card gives them the freedom to visit India at any time without visa.

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