Melbourne – As You See It

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Regarded as the cultural and fashion capital of Australia, Melbourne bears a true multicultural identity which is elegant and appealing. This cultural capital displays fantastic Victorian-era architecture, beautiful gardens, and a number of museums. Melbourne is also synonymous with sporting events, and travelers from across the globe keep flocking to the city to catch up with the major events. Another interesting fact about Melbourne is its weather; it's also known as the 'city of four seasons in a day' due to its ever changing weather.

Australia's second largest city and the Victoria's capital, Melbourne is located at the head of Port Philip Bay. It is one of the very few cities in the world which still sport the trams, running along buses and cars. It also doubles up as a fantastic mode of transport for tourists who wish to get a good view of the city streets which still showcases quite a few Victorian buildings in between modern sky-scrappers. Melbourne also features one F1 Grand Prix circuit in Albert Park which is worth a visit if you like some adrenaline-rushing speed. Apart from being home to sporting events, Melbourne is also home to one of the largest casinos in the world. Melbourne is a complete entertainer when it comes to ensuing a satisfying vacation.

Apart from the tourist attractions in the city, the adjoining areas too, are equally alluring. The Grampians National Park features amongst the most visited and is quite famous for its hiking trails, wildflowers and a striking wildlife. Visitors can easily spot Kangaroos when they come to feed near the road. However, you need a good eyesight to spot the endanged Koalas. If you wish to see penguins, Phillip Island is the place where you can see them in their typical parade. Being a scenic destination, Melbourne joins a lot of film-makers and it's no wonder why Melbourne has featured in a lot of Hollywood films. Getting around Melbourne, with multiple modes of transport available. However, cycling is an interesting way to roam around and you can buy a lot of time and that's convenient too!

A cosmopolitan city, Melbourne's population consists of Greeks, Vietnamese, Italian, Jewish and many others. This diversity in population ensures that you can enjoy a number of delectable cuisines from around the world. Melbourne has a multitude of restaurants which satisfy almost any of your culinary demands.

Melbourne also offers fantastic accommodation options, and Melbourne hotels range from budget options to mid-range to luxurious ones in and around the city. The central part of the city offers some of the best budget and luxurious hotels in Melbourne. However, there are lots of options available in Melbourne's suburbs too.

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