Packing Tips for Simpler Traveling

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We often hear "less is more" – and certainly that is the case when you're on the road. According to Consumer Reports 8% of passengers who check luggage report something lost or stolen, so if you can not afford to lose it, do not check it.

As a professional speaker and professional organizing consultant, I spend 80% of my time on the road, so having what I need – and getting it there as easily as possible is essential. Here are six things I've learned:

1. Choose your travel bag carefully. Some are heavy before you even start packing – and lifting them over your head after you've packed them requires a weight lifter.

2. If looking good when you get there is important, wearing something that travels well and is still suitable for the occasion will save valuable luggage space, and if bag is lost, you can go "as is."

3. If you're going to be in the same hotel for several days, consider sending ahead bulky items, such as exercise clothes or reading material, to arrive before you do. (If you require a signature on the recipient end, you can easily trace the package when you arrive if necessary.)

4. Choose clothes with lots of flexibility – for example, a pair of flattering slacks, which will work with a casual sweater during the day or a dressy jacket for evening.

5. Shoes take up lots of packing space, so when making wardrobe choices, minimize the number of colors you need.

6. Get travel sizes of toiletry items. Carry them in a hanging bag with clear plastic dividers so you can see in a moment's notice what's missing. If you travel frequently, always keep this bag packed and ready to go.

The most important thing to take when you travel is a good attitude. Spend less time fretting about the frustrations, and more time enjoying the opportunities, such as a time to read without interruption or a fabulous meal at a local restaurant. Keep your sense of humor and happy traveling!

Source by Barbara Hemphill