Relocating To Australia – 10 Things To Consider

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If you are thinking of relocating to Australia here are 10 things to consider:

1. What qualifications and skills do you or your partner have. This is very important as the Australian Government sets a yearly target for intake. The areas they consider are: skills, family and refugee / humanitarian. This balance is influenced by population and skills trends. At the moment there is a shortage of skilled workers and an aging population so few families are being accepted and more skilled workers are being accepted.

2. Family. If you already have relatives in Australia you could find it easier to enter if they are able to Sponsor you.

3. Business. You may be able to enter under the "Business Owner Class." This is definitely worth considering if you have a business or if you have a large amount of assets.

4. A Relocation Company would be very helpful to take you through all of the requirements for entry and in getting work once you are there.

5. Financial Advisor. I would recommend one for most people and especially for those who are considering retiring in Australia.

6. Relocation Expenses. These are always higher than you first imagine they will be. Remember you have to get yourself and family to Australia, possibly all of your possessions, there are expenses associated with getting a visa and medicals to enter the country, setting up your new home and money to live on until you find work.

7. Healthcare. Check out just what you and your family need in the way of healthcare and see what Australia provides. Find out if you pay for GP visits or Prescriptions. After all these costs can mount up. You may have to get medical and dental insurance once you are there as well as the usual travel insurance for your journey.

8. Cost of Living. Presumably you are relocating to Australia for a better life for yourself and your children. If so check out the cost of everyday items in the location you have chosen. Make sure you have some idea of ​​the cost of electricity, gas, water etc. Also check out if there are any fees payable for schooling. Even some state schools have various charges. Join a forum and ask people who actually live there what to expect. After all you do not want to get there only to find you are actually worse off.

9. Work. This may be easy for you and you will walk straight into a job. Then again you may not. Make sure you have the finances in place in case you do not find work straight away and also be prepared to compromise. Just because you had a great job in your home country does not mean you can walk into the same position in Australia. Be willing to start further down the career ladder and work your way back up. Or consider a different job altogether. Be open minded and also willing to learn new skills.

10. Laws. Every country has their own language and laws. Make sure you are familiar with those in Australia. They have different immigration laws, very strict laws on what they will and will not allow into their country and one of my favorites always check out the inheritance laws and taxes before you relocate to any country. Some of these can be incredibly different to your home country. In the event of a death you would not want your family to be in financial difficulties at the time they are most vulnerable and upset.

So if you are considering relocating to Australia I hope my 10 things to consider are of use to you and help you on your way to your new and hopefully better life "Down Under."

Source by Sunny Jones