School Trips to Study the Fabulous Food of France

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School trips have long been recognised as an important part of the learning experience; today, with many more itineraries and destinations on the market, the opportunities are seemingly endless. Every subject can be catered for and many destinations throughout the world lend themselves perfectly to more than one subject on the national curriculum. Taking your subject into the real world and exposing students to it in context often increases understanding and helps students builds confidence in their ability. There is nothing quite like bringing a subject to life and gaining a more three dimensional feeling for what the subject is about. It is a good idea to browse through the many trips on offer and book with a reputable company that has already done the hard work in designing the tour.

School trips are designed with the aim of catering to large groups of young people, so appropriate hotels are used, family friendly guides are employed and travel and excursions are all pre-organised.

Exploring the Gastronomy of France

Food and health have become a key talking point in the media in recent years and with the advent of the celebrity chef the interest in cooking has increased dramatically. Food and travel go hand in hand and consequently there are so many options for educational school trips that focus on Food Technology and Home Economics.

The study of food in another country also gives students the chance to appreciate the influence of food on a much wider scale. They will have the chance to interact with the local people, eat in local restaurants, visit markets and discover the importance of food in the different cultures they are immersed in.

France is a country famous for its gastronomic prowess and there are specialised travel companies offering some wonderful school trips to France that focus on the different aspects of food. Paris, in particular, has some incredible culinary accolades and is a city synonymous with famous chefs and delicious dishes. On cookery courses in the city, students will have the opportunity to spend time learning about the different style of French cuisine, attend demonstrations and learn about the ingredients used in creating the wonderful dishes.

There will be time to visit some of the classic monuments of the city as well as explore the café culture and visit some of the delicious bakeries and delectable patisseries. Cheese and wine are among the staples on any French table and the cookery course includes visits to a cheese factory and to some famous wine cellars. A chocolate factory visit is also included in the best itineraries.

When visiting Paris, students have the opportunity to learn about one of the world’s most prestigious cuisines, while appreciating the local culture, and enjoying the vibrant city life so synonymous with this wonderful city.

Source by Angela Bowden