Social Habits In Australia

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Traveling to Australia is a dream come true. However, if you really want to absorb the local culture and ambience, you will have to mix with the Australians. This means understanding the way Australians socialize and deal outsiders and foreigners. Understanding social habits in Australia will also be helpful if you have business interests in Australia.

Social Habits in Australia:

o Australians use first names rather quickly, but it is best wait for them to do it before you stand using the first name of your Australian acquaintance. "Mate" is used more often than "Sir", and you will find that men use it to each other and women use it among themselves.

o Do not expect to be invited to your Australian acquaintance's home, as people here do not give out invitations that easily. However, if you have the privilege of going to an Australian home do take something like wine, chocolates or flowers along.

o In Australia, an evening meal is tea, which served from 6.00 pm to 8.00 pm. When Australians talk about supper, they are talking about a late snack.

o Australians respect people who have different opinions, and they love arguing over issues. However, do not ask question that are too personal and under all circumstances you should not divulge how much things cost. As all Australians love sports, you can have an excellent conversation talking about sports.

o Australians can be very blunt and will have no problem saying "no" to you. And still on other occasions they can be quite reserved. This may throw you off balance but you should not worry as long as they are talking to you. The time to worry is when an Australian stops talking and becomes quiet!

o Australian English is unique and has its own colorful expressions. Avoid using them until you are completely sure what they mean. You do not want to make a faux pas inadvertently.

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