Summer in The Middle of Winter

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For anyone who is skeptical about global warming let them explain why we have summer in the middle of winter in Australia. At a time when the temperatures should be at best in the late teens they are already up to 26 degrees and climbing. Last week-end people went swimming at the beaches while they enjoyed the summer days and warm nights. Next week will be even hotter.

This is a bad sign for what's to come. Australian summers are always hot and temperatures up to the mid-forties is normal in some parts. Around the coast it can get almost to that height and super fires have burned thousands of acres of bushland over the last few summer seasons.

Unfortunately, hundreds of home have also been destroyed in fires, floods, and cyclones. This is not only happening in this country but around the globe. Our firefighters are now in Canada assisting with the huge fires burning in that country. They also attended some in California a few weeks ago.

While they are free to travel during our winter this makes them available to assist in other countries and when its our turn many come from the North to help us out as well. The facts are, however, that the seasons are getting hotter. The globe is warming at a faster rate than predicted. The impact of climate change is hitting everywhere with equal tenacity.

It's out of our hands to stop it because we have obviously passed the point of no return. The tragedy is that so many are suffering in places where the cameras do not often reach. Kids are dying of starvation, families are fleeing to who knows where, and the impact on the earth is terminal.

Source by Norma Holt