The Algarve – The Jewel in Portugal's Crown

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The Algave is located right in the south of Portugal. It runs across the bottom of the country and is known for its beautiful beaches and temperate climate. With plenty of Algarve hotels, resorts, restaurants, natural attractions, beach life, theme parks and historic architecture to discover during a holiday there, The Algarve has something for all ages and interests to enjoy. The weather is nice year round with temperatures of 15-32 degrees centigrade (although it has been known to be even higher in the summer).

Where to stay is a big decision as there are so many Algarve hotels to pick from. Hotels in The Algarve range from cheap and cheerful places to spend as little time as possible, or lavishly expensive suites in Algarve hotels that offer the very best that money can buy. If all you want to do is change close and grab a couple of hours sleep between the bar closing and the sun rising, then you'll find many hotels in the Algarve where basic necessity comes at an affordable price.

Alternately if you want to be pampered at an exclusive spa based resort, then there are a number of hotels in the Algarve that will offer you exactly what you're looking for too. If staying in a hotel where you have to keep the kids under stricter control, or hope the baby does not cry all night, or where you can come and go as you like – wearing what you like – without feeling a microscope, the apartments in Algarve to rent might offer a better alternative. Apartments in the Algarve are a good alternative to hotels if you do not mind having to make your breakfast every morning. You may find that renting an apartment saves you money, but make sure you inquire about hidden costs for things such as cleaning and insurance.

There beaches in the Algarve offer good opportunities for water sports – if you've never snorkelled before, now could be your big chance! If exploring the past is more your thing then you should not miss out a trip to Faro, the capital of The Algarve. Here, the one must-see is the Nossa Senhora do Carmo. This old church has some of the region's best gold leaf. It also houses a good collection of religious iconography.

ZooMarine and Lagos Zoo are two good places to take children. ZooMarine offers the best value for money as this is not only a zoo but also a theme park. Your children will learn much about such animals as sea lions and dolphins as they watch their antics. If you, or your children, love nothing better than clambering over rocks, looking in rock pools, and generally exploring the seaside then the western side of the Algarve has the best opportunities for this. You will not find the best sunbathing beaches here, but if you enjoy natural rock formations and discovering grottos and caves, then this is an experience you're sure to enjoy!

Lisbon, Portugal's capital, is not as close to The Algarve as you might like – but if you're planning a two week holiday then you could consider a mini-break to this beautiful Portuguese city. It takes 3-4 hours by train but you'll see a lot of the Portuguese countryside that you would not otherwise experience and trains are clean, efficient and not too expensive. Consider keeping your Algarve hotel room and increasing your accommodation budget to allow for the night in Lisbon so that you can travel light on your mini-break.The Algarve is a beautiful part of the world to visit.

It offers you the opportunity to experience a beach holiday without the party atmosphere of islands such as Ibiza. If you're looking for more peaceful holiday that allows you to relax in stunning surroundings, The

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