The Faliraki Nudist Beach

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One of the Mediterranean's liveliest resorts, Faliraki on the Greek island of Rhodes has been a popular choice with the youngger crowds for years now. They flock to the island for the famous Bar Street and Club Street and the infamous beach parties.

As this crowd spend most of the day in bed or by the pool nursing their hangovers, a few of the islands other visitors head to the Faliraki nudist beach to spend the morning.

Most of the party crowd are not even aware of its existence as it is at the very southern end of the resort as you head into the hills. It can only be reached via a path that takes you over a hill and then winds down to sea level. It is sign posted FKK for the German tourists and it only takes a few minutes to follow the path. Once you arrive you will find a nice secluded beach, small bar, sun loungers and umbrellas.

The first thing you will notice when you get down there is the heat. It feels hotter than the main beach because it is in a small cove surrounded by cliffs. Temperatures often rise well above 40c by mid afternoon so it is best to get there as early as possible and do not forget the sun block.

Ego's are left the main beaches when it comes to naturism and you will not find anyone posing on a nudist beach. Regular naturists will tell you that we are what we are and its certainly true you will not find anyone staring or anything like that. If you are visiting Rhodes and have considered a nudist beach before but have never tried it, you could have chosen a lot worse than Faliraki nudist beach as your first.

Because it can not be reached without coming down the path which has plenty of signs in all languages ​​stating it is a nudist beach, you will not find gawpers hanging around as you do at some nudist beaches.

There are some sand dunes at the top of the hill where nudism is allowed if you prefer some privacy. You will need to bring something to lay on and sometimes an umbrella to shade from the sun. There are some small alcoves along the beach front among the rocks as well if you want to find some privacy next to the sea.

If you are an experienced naturist and intend using the beach daily, there are several hotels and apartments very close to Faliraki nudist beach. Hotel Matina is probably the best of these and it will take you just 10 minutes from reception to beach.

Source by Adrian Kinley