The USA Cities That Are Worth Visiting

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The magazine "Travel + Leisure" and the CNN TV company have published a list of the USA cities that are recommended for tourist visiting. The rating based on the survey was conducted among more than 60 thousand of people who could have chosen among the 25 largest nationwide megapolises. The cities were estimated according to five major categories: "Culture", "Shopping", "People", "Meals" and "City Scenery".

According to the survey the most popular tourist cities are New Orleans, New York, Portland (the state of Oregon) and Charleston (South Carolina). New Orleans is appreciated for its nightlife and music, New-York for its theaters, classical music, restaurants, boutiques and stylish local citizens. Portland is considered the most "ecological" city ,ides, tourists are attracted by the quality of its public transport, parks, etc. The most amicable people live in Charleston. Beside, it is famous by its interesting architecture, remarkable curiosity shops, 'flea markets', etc.

In the category of "people" the cities are arranged the following way. The most athletic people live in Denver, San-Diego and Portland. The most attractive – in Miami, San-Diego and Charleston. The most diverse population lives in New York, San Francisco and New Orleans. Charleston, New Orleans and Minneapolis have the most amicable citizens. The most joyful lives are lead by New Orleans, Austin and Honolulu. The most intellectual people live in Seattle, Minneapolis and Boston. The citizens of New York, Miami and San-Francisco are considered trendsetters. The citizens of Washington, San-Francisco and New-York lead the fullest lives.

Source by Iuri Tarabanov