Things To Do In Chicago

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Will you be traveling to Chicago for business or a short vacation? Do you live in the Chicagoland area but need something to do this weekend? If you do, read on and learn about some nearly free Chicago attractions that you just must see.

There are hundreds of things to do in Chicago. If you have kids or just love animals, why not start with a visit to the zoo. Chicago has two major zoos. There is the Brookfield Zoo west of Chicago and the Lincoln Park Zoo in Northern Chicago. Both are highly acclaimed zoos featuring thousands of animals.

Do you like museums? The Museum of Science and Industry is a must see. It is one of the largest science museums in the western hemisphere. It is an interactive museum with thousands of hands on exhibits for you to experience. Take the kids or become a kid at the Museum of Science.

The Art Institute of Chicago is another must on the list of popular Chicago attractions. They have an extensive collection of art enclosed in a beautiful building in a great location. It is truly a world class museum which house some of the most famous pieces in the world. If you love or even just like art, you must go to this museum.

The last must see that i will talk about is the Sears Tower. From the Skydeck on the Sears Tower, you can see everything that is Chicago. It is a breathtaking view. Until 1996 the 110 story building was the tallest in the world and at 1454 feet tall, it dominates the Chicago skyline. The Skydeck itself is 1353 feet high and is the highest observation point in the city. A must see for sure.

As you can see, there are many things to do in this exciting city. We have only just scratched the surface of what Chicago has to offer. Most of the major attractions are inexpensive proving that you do not have to spend a fortune to have a good time. So visit a few of the attractions and enjoy your visit to Chicago or rediscover your city.

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