Top Attractions and Activities for Your Boracay Tour Package

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The island of Boracay off the Panay peninsula in the Philippines is a highly popular destination among discriminating travelers who prefer an atmosphere of a tropical getaway that prominently features the sun, sand, and sea. With its more than three kilometer long white sand beach complemented by serene waters, visitors can not help but wish that they could stay for longer. And for good reason. Boracay lives up to its global reputation as a world-class tropical paradise island not only with its pristine beach attractions, but also with other equally enthralling natural scenes. A Boracay tour package, in fact, would not be much of a real fun without these attractions apart from the white sand beaches, as if the beach experience is by itself only a fitting overture to a more satisfying plethora of tropical island adventure.

Here are some of these top attractions and activities that makes a Boracay tour one of the finest travel experiences that you can ever have:

Butterfly Garden
The Butterfly Garden is one of Boracay attractions that is becoming more and more popular with tourists. Short of being a complete collection of the Lepidopteran order of the Animal Kingdom, this particular attraction never fails to awe visitors with the magnificent display of sheer natural beauty that emanates from its array of 200 to 300 different butterfly species. To complement this faunal wealth is a collection of about 150 floral species, most of them coming with information labels for the visitors to read.

Crystal Cove Island
About 10 to 20 minutes away off the main island of Boracay is another tropical paradise by itself, the Crystal Cove Island resort. A private island contracting of 2.5 hectare sprawl, Crystal Cove is a main fare of Boracay island hopping tours, offering a more serene ambiance away from the more crowded main attractions and activities. Apart from the beautiful sea coves, white beaches are made more enchanting with panoramic views, on top of picnic areas, local seashells and art museum, and an aviary that is home to some local bird species.

The Bat Cave
This attraction is an excellent treat for tourists who are particularly keen about experiencing wild and unspoiled nature at its best. The mouth of the cave itself is accessible only through a short hike through a forest. Both small insectivorous bats and the larger fruit bats can be found within the cave's vicinity. Extra precaution should be undertaken by those who wish to enter the cave, as its mouth is at a steep angle and is littered with large boulders.

Boracay Sunsets
Sunset is of course one of those classic human experience that can really arouse and calm the senses all at once. Although a sunset can be enjoyed everywhere, the experience would be different with Boracay's different spots as the background. It is suggested that a camera will always ready to capture the event anywhere it may happen to catch you in this paradise island.

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