Top Four Dangerous Beaches in the World

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Now I will introduce the top 4 dangerous beaches in the world.

1. Copacabana beach – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The petty crimes in the Copacabana beach are as famous as its magnificent party. As said by local people, Rio de Janeiro in the day is the most exciting city in the world. But, as for the native people and visitors, crime is the most serious issue here. The crime rate is very high. In 2007, there are about 30 people killed by criminals. Most of them are the victims of robbery, drugs, terrorism etc. therefore, if you want to go vocation on this most famous beach, you should be alert.

2. Northern Territory – Australia

Perhaps, it is dangerous to go to visit the beaches along the northern coast of Australia, especially those beaches in northern territory. There are many dangerous animals such as sharks, whales, jellyfish that live in the sea. They are likely to hurt the visitor, even kill them. All the visitors who go there are told not to swim in the sea because there is a kind of poisonous jellyfish which has killed more than 60 people in 100 years, let alone those who stay in hospital for treatment. On some remote beaches, there exist many crocodiles.

3. Kilauea – Hawaii, United States

Just right on the eastern side of Hawaii volcano, what you should notice is the lava of active volcano instead of the local wildlife. Everyday, the lava from Kilauea volcano will flow into the sea, which started 25 years ago. Officials also warn the visitors to pay attention to the lava. There are millions of people who have chances to see the splendid view. This causes the increase of land. Once the visitor steps onto the “land”, he will be put in a very dangerous situation because this kind of “land” is likely to collapse.

4. Bikini Island – Micronesia, Marshall Islands

America once tested nuclear weapons on Bikini Island during 1946 to 1958, which gives this island a bad reputation in terms of tourism and sightseeing. But, there are some things that need our consideration. The island is suffering from radical pollution since 1954. The residents there have moved to other places because of this reason.

Source by BJ Bunn