Unplugged Kids Travel Games And Activities

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Looking for some unplugged time to spend with your family? Travel time is the perfect time to reconnect with family by playing fun, challenging games and activities – no batteries or power cord required.

Car Games: Enhance that competitive spirit by playing classic road games that depend on luck and powers of observation like billboard bingo or the license plate game. Challenge a parent's fading memory skills by alternating singing songs starting with each letter of the alphabet and see who gets stumped first. Continue with a rousing rendition of "Name That Tune" style guessing games using lines from familiar family songs, famous quotes or even nursery rhymes. Keep kids engaged in the games by awarding small prizes to the winners.

Memory Games for Anytime Fun: Our family has never enjoyed the classic I Spy game so we changed the rules and combined it with twenty questions. The game starts the same (I spy with my little eye …) but the guesser is allowed to ask a series of yes or no questions until the object is discovered or the guesser gives up. Repeating games such as grandmothers purse (In grandmother's purse there are many things) are also quiet fun while traveling.

Logic Games & Puzzles: Spend travel time solving puzzles or playing logic games as a family. Many game books feature puzzles requiring a variety of skills that can be appropriate for almost any age. Work together as a family or in teams to see if you can finish an entire book or magazine. Another old standby is hangman. It can be played almost anywhere and requires something to write with and a scrap of paper.

Math Games: Games such as Yahtzee or Math Dice are fun for the entire family and also work on basic adding and logic skills – learning and fun all in one! Twenty-one is another simple game that requires only a deck of cards. For older kids, find a magic with math book that is filled with number tricks and games.

Reconnect with your family on your next vacation by spending time together unplugged. Nothing brings a family together like fun, challenging games and puzzles.

Source by Jennifer Untermeyer